• IndieGoGo Update #2

    Hey guys! We’re doing a little giveaway contest to help get the word out for Brick & Motor and to help us reach our goal on our IndieGoGo campaign. Take…

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  • IndieGoGo Update #1

    We had a great time at the Susquehanna Breakdown this weekend! ScrantonMade‘s inaugural collaboration, Arts on the Mountain, was a wonderful experience and we made a ton of new friends and connections. Tim…

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  • What is Brick & Motor?

    Brick & Motor is a dream we have of packing up 3 lives (Sam – Artist/Entrepreneur, Tim – Music Enthusiast/Social Butterfly, & Daisy – Beagle) in a trailer towed by 2001 Dodge Durango, traveling across the United…

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  • Professional Photos

    Finally had some photos done! I’m definitely NOT the most photogenic person. But thanks to Cristin Powers at ScrantonMade she was able to capture my good side a few times!…

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