Thank you

Non-Profits have heart. We want to give back!

We offer special pricing to a select few certified non-profits every year. We think what you are doing is awesome and would love to help out. With the proper paperwork, you’ll receive 25%-50% off most of our services. You can’t beat that.


It’s important to take your brand seriously for clients to gain trust in your non-profit. We’ll work together on a logo and all of the pieces that make up a brand and even show you the ropes of keeping everything consistent.

Printed Material

To get the word out about your venture, you’ll need business cards, brochures, and other printed items to show your community what you are all about.

Web Design

We’ll set you up with a WordPress website that organizes all of your information in a smart and user friendly way. We also offer a special package where we turn into your full content management team. You send us your update for the site, and we’ll take care of it.

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