Shop Scranton 2013-2014

Shop Scranton was a portion of ScrantonMade’s Holiday Market and is a cross between enticing the community to shop local during the holiday season, along with promoting the event. The map of the downtown area, included with the promotion, was illustrated by us. The two versions of the postcards were printed by Center City Print.

ScrantonMade has a great reputation of going all out for it’s events and promotions and they always throw in some fun ScrantonMade branding items to give to the public, some free & some for sale at the event. There were featured postcards printed up of our drawings, printed by Revival Letterpress, including a larger sized letterpress print of the hand drawn map. Stickers, t-shirts, & mugs were also available.

Client : ScrantonMade
Categories : Events, Branding
Skills : Design, Illustration
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