Whistle Stops #2 : Chicago Edition

The last two years a couple friends and I have gone to Chicago, IL for Riot Fest, a super cool music event / carnival. Amongst the obvious excitement of a music festival, traveling 13 hours from home (driving, mind you) to a larger city, site seeing, yadda yadda … the signage and street art was of course part of what made the city and experience so special for me.

It’s always interesting to see what a different city has to offer because the ideas of branding vary across the world. The letterforms and norms of older signs in different parts of the states vs the cities on the east coast are just so amazing.

On the other hand, comparing things that have been around for decades, if not longer, to contemporary culture, where the web and international ideas rule is something to notice. In the past, areas have relied on inspiration from within their own neighborhoods. Now people have access to hundreds of thousands of ideas from all over the world. You start to see the same concepts that once were relevant only to your area, in areas, say, 13 hours away.










~ Samantha

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