IndieGoGo Update #1

We had a great time at the Susquehanna Breakdown this weekend! ScrantonMade‘s inaugural collaboration, Arts on the Mountain, was a wonderful experience and we made a ton of new friends and connections. Tim was having a blast running around talking to everyone about our new venture and passing out flyers. We got a ton of amazing feedback and hope to keep the momentum going!

Thank you to everyone who contributed and shared so far! We’re at about $1,200 right now. If we can hit the $2,000-$3,000 mark by this weekend, Timothy and I are going to start trailer shopping so we can buy the trailer half way through the campaign. We want to show our supporters progress and that we mean business. You are all amazing. The campaign offers perks for individuals and businesses so everyone who donates can get something in return along with helping the cause.

A big THANK YOU to Rich from NEPA Scene for this sweet write up!

Shanty Town Design crowdfunding Brick & Motor road trip, taking Scranton goods across the country

Check it out! is our website – we have a downloads page for anyone who wants to help spread the word. Including flyers, which you’ll start seeing pop up all around the area. If you live outside of NEPA, please contact me! We’d love to see if there’s others who would like to help spread the word in different cities and states. Thanks! : )


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