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Folks! Our IndieGoGo campaign has ended and we are so happy for the support we received! We overestimated our needs of asking for $10,000. To be honest, we’ve never done anything like this before! We received a ton of non-monetary donations that are helping us get our idea off the ground, and we can’t be more grateful. You can read more about it here. Until we announce our ‘leave date,’ we’ll be accepting additional donations through PayPal with all of the same perks from our crowd funding campaign. For those who’ve donated so far, you can see your name on our contributors page until we’ve finished our renovation and start hand lettering the wall.

The closing of our campaign was this past Saturday, which was also Scranton Zine Fest‘s 5 year anniversary. What a blast! We met so many wonderful people and it was lovely to see our vendors and friends stopping by to show their support.


We made some custom ‘last day’ Scranton cards for those who donated at our booth. A little combo of hand lettering and stamps from Yellow Owl Workshop.

Scranton Zine Fest

Limited edition zines!

Brick & Motor Zine

Such a great day. Not to mention, our friend Michelle from Allegro Photo & Design took some amazing photos. Check out her full album here.

Thanks for these awesome shots of my cards!





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