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Guys…We’ve got some big news

by | Jun 5, 2015 | Shanty News


Now. We want to take a minute to thank each and every one of you that has been so supportive throughout the last month since we’ve announced Brick & Motor. Words cannot express how grateful Tim & I are to everything everyone has been doing, from sharing our story, contributing to our campaign, connecting us with the right people, to donating stock and pieces to our trailer.

With that being said… Tim and I looked over our finances again and the full breakdown of what we need to get on the road. We’ve never done anything like this before, furthermore, we did not expect the amount of support we’ve been getting from the locals and our new friends. After going through our checklist and seeing what we’ve had donated to us outside of monetary donations, we no longer feel like we need to raise the full original amount of $10,000.


The previous owner of OUR NEW 1973 Fleetwood Wilderness trailer listened to us tell our story, appreciated what we were doing for our community, and gave us an AMAZING deal. So amazing that we were able to purchase the trailer on our own, outside of the campaign funds. The trailer is also in really good condition for what it is, with just some standard repairs that we’ll be needing to make along with converting it into a moving storefront/office.

Based on this, we’ve decided that we have enough in our IndieGoGo campaign to do most of the renovation. We’re keeping the campaign open because we still need to raise a little more for a generator, propane tanks, water tank, a new awning, new brakes and tires on the trailer, a bigger jack, inventory costs, vending fees to get us started, and our final touches/ supplies for the trip. We’ve got our $10 Taco Bell meal covered ; ).

Our new goal to hit is $5,000.

And we’re just about half way way there.

We want to let everyone know what point we are at in our journey at all times, so you can all see what you’ve helped create. We’ve started announcing our vendors, mapping out our trip based on feedback, and now our next step is to dive in and start renovating our trailer. We’ll be taking lots of photos, video, and documenting the whole process as we go along. So for those of you wanting to keep up to date, follow us on Instagram and sign up for our newsletter!

If you have recommendations or thoughts on where we should visit or vend, leave us a comment in our OPEN FORUM.

You can also find us at the Scranton Zine Fest at Tripp Park Community Center in Scranton on June 13th. Come chat with us! We want to hear your ideas. We’ve also got something fun in store for everyone who visits : )

We seriously love you all! <3




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