Exclusive Flourish Member Discount List!

by | Jan 12, 2017 | Shanty News

To all of my fellow Flourisher‘s (brought to you by The Joyful Entrepreneur), Shanty Town Design is now offering exclusive design options (with a discount!) to everyone who is a member of the Flourish Community.
These prices reflect our standard rates. Please view the Flourish Swag Discount document in the Facebook group for discount information!
  • Packaging Design
    • Labels (includes template for updating) $100
    • Tags (includes template for updating) $75
    • Boxes (includes template for updating) $120
  • Social Media Graphics 
    • 3 templates for use on Facebook $75
    • 3 templates for use on Instagram $75
    • 3 templates for use on Pinterest $100
  • Logo Vectorizing / Watermark Conversion
    • Simple $30
    • Complex $60
  • Business Cards includes custom design and printing on glossy or matte stock / single or double sided
    • 1,000 for $75
    • 750 for $70
    • 500 for $60
    • 250 for $50
  • Promo / Marketing Materials
    • Stickers $20
    • Printed Handouts for shows $40
    • Follow Me / Rate My Shop Cards $10
    • Customer Care / Instructions sheet $20
  • Product Photo Editing
    • Removing photo backgrounds / lighten backgrounds (25 photos) $65
    • Altering photos for better clarity, brightness, color, and composition (25 photos) $50
  • Etsy Shop Graphics
    • Banner Image $30
    • Shop Avatar $10
  • Craft Shows
    • Banner Design $45 (printing can be included! The price for an outdoor vinyl sign with grommets is $3/square foot + shipping)
    • 3 Tabletop Signs / Price lists $30
  • Logo Design $300 – $500 (process and prices listed here)
  • All other design services priced out upon request. Browse our site for more info!
* Services don’t include printing unless otherwise noted so clients could select the printer or home process of their choosing.
* Final working files and templates delivered upon completion (fonts included)
* Template guidelines on how to edit also included based on the customer’s preference

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<3 Samantha


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