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Exclusive Flourish Member Discount List!

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To all of my fellow Flourisher‘s (brought to you by The Joyful Entrepreneur), Shanty Town Design is now offering exclusive design options (with a discount!) to everyone who is a member of the Flourish Community.
These prices reflect our standard rates. Please view the Flourish Swag Discount document in the Facebook group for discount information!
  • Packaging Design
    • Labels (includes template for updating) $100
    • Tags (includes template for updating) $75
    • Boxes (includes template for updating) $120
  • Social Media Graphics 
    • 3 templates for use on Facebook $75
    • 3 templates for use on Instagram $75
    • 3 templates for use on Pinterest $100
  • Logo Vectorizing / Watermark Conversion
    • Simple $30
    • Complex $60
  • Business Cards includes custom design and printing on glossy or matte stock / single or double sided
    • 1,000 for $75
    • 750 for $70
    • 500 for $60
    • 250 for $50
  • Promo / Marketing Materials
    • Stickers $20
    • Printed Handouts for shows $40
    • Follow Me / Rate My Shop Cards $10
    • Customer Care / Instructions sheet $20
  • Product Photo Editing
    • Removing photo backgrounds / lighten backgrounds (25 photos) $65
    • Altering photos for better clarity, brightness, color, and composition (25 photos) $50
  • Etsy Shop Graphics
    • Banner Image $30
    • Shop Avatar $10
  • Craft Shows
    • Banner Design $45 (printing can be included! The price for an outdoor vinyl sign with grommets is $3/square foot + shipping)
    • 3 Tabletop Signs / Price lists $30
  • Logo Design $300 – $500 (process and prices listed here)
  • All other design services priced out upon request. Browse our site for more info!
* Services don’t include printing unless otherwise noted so clients could select the printer or home process of their choosing.
* Final working files and templates delivered upon completion (fonts included)
* Template guidelines on how to edit also included based on the customer’s preference

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Samantha is the founder and creative director for Shanty Town Design. She spends much of her day discussing clients' brand and web strategies, directing and creating with team members to achieve design goals, and brainstorming business opportunities. She enjoys gardening, astrology, traveling, exploring everything strange & unusual, and spending time with her small pack of dogs.


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