Bare Bones Barktique Collab!

We’re excited to announce our on-going collaboration with Denver based Bare Bones Barktique!

A little about the pet collective and owner Rachael: “After watching a local news program of a home-based dog treat bakeries recipe, I realized I had all the ingredients necessary. I had begun to see more and more recalls on dog treats and was concerned for my own dogs, so I baked my first batch and they were a huge hit. Over the years, the recipe became my own and I stopped buying big box brand treats altogether. I baked enough to share with family and friends over the years and the dream of Bare Bones BARKtique began after several people asked me why I wasn’t selling them. Soon, the process to make it an official business became a reality and the dream continues one Bare Bone at a time.”

Bare Bones is now a full traveling collective of pet product makers and have been using our decals to decorate all kinds of pet goodies!

They also have the cutest staff ever 😉

Visit their Facebook page to see where they’ll be next!

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