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Clutch Recognizes Shanty Town Design as a Top Design Company in Colorado for 2021

by | Denver, Shanty Town News

We’ve always said that quality design is our top priority and we’ve finally started getting recognized for all of our hard work. We are happy to announce that we’ve recently been named as a Top Design Agency in Colorado for the year 2021.

Clutch is a B2B platform that focuses on conducting industry research that determines the top performers in virtually every field around the world. In order to be considered as a leading service provider by the Clutch criteria, companies must first earn a number of high quality reviews, like this:

Awards like these are an important part of a company’s history, especially a relatively small operation like ours. Every time we present a trophy or badge on our website it quickly communicates the quality of work that we can provide for our clients.

They make all of our lives much easier. This is why our management team wanted to express our team’s appreciation for this accolade.

Thank you to Clutch for helping our little business grow.” – Samantha Nardelli, Creative Director for Shanty Town Design.

In addition to Clutch, we’d also like to express our appreciation for all of our clients and partners that made this award possible. The fact that they liked our work enough to put their feelings into words and share them to the world is exactly the motivation we need to do what we do at the highest level.

Are you ready to work with a professional and dedicated team? Contact us today and we’ll show you why we won all the awards we have.


Samantha is the founder and creative director for Shanty Town Design. She spends much of her day discussing clients' brand and web strategies, directing and creating with team members to achieve design goals, and brainstorming business opportunities. She enjoys gardening, astrology, traveling, exploring everything strange & unusual, and spending time with her small pack of dogs.


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