US Domain Authority – Don’t pay this $289 scam!

by | Oct 7, 2021 | Education, Shanty News

Many folks with websites have been getting a marketing mailer from a company called US Domain Authority. They are circulating physically mailed letters to look like a domain renewal bill for $289. These letters contain true public data such as your domain name and your name servers.

What we tell our clients when they ask if they should pay it is “absolutely not

If you get one of these letters, do NOT pay it! The letter will look like the one below. While US Domain Authority is a real company, the letter is not a bill or invoice, it’s a sales pitch. They are trying to get customers to join their directory where they list your domain/website on their platform, which is incredibly deceptive. There is no true value, that we can tell, in their listing service and you’re better off using your marketing dollars on something more legitimate.

These letters are not bills. They’re solicitations.

From their website: “US Domain Authority is an online directory listing top websites from local businesses from around the world. We do not provide domain registration or domain renewal services.”

If you’re concerned about your domain expiring, take note of who you pay yearly for your domain. It should be around $12-35/annually. You likely purchased and registered your domain with registrars like Namecheap, GoDaddy, Google Domains, Network Solutions, etc.

If we manage your website and you’re not sure where your domain lives, shoot us a message and we can tell you where it’s located. That registrar will be the only company to reach out to you (exclusively via email) about whether or not you have a bill you need to pay. And of course, if you need a second opinion on any scammy-sounding letters, reach out to us and we’re happy to tell you if it’s real or not.


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