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Get creative and stay there: How to find inspiration

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Are you often wondering how to find inspiration and get creative? We’ve got some tips that our team uses to stay inspired!

There are so many creative spaces that we all have access to that can inspire us. Whether it is TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, blogs, following other creatives, etc., you will find something that lights a creative spark within you.

Online inspiration isn’t the only option.

While it is easiest for us to pick up our phones and scroll for countless hours. Sometimes finding inspiration can be an extra step or two away. Go for a nature walk. The natural world around us can truly inspire in a very interesting way. It could be as simple as the organic shapes throughout the woods. Or the radiant color palette you find from a gorgeous sunrise.

Crank up the tunes.

Isn’t it a lovely thing that there is almost a perfect song for every occasion, big or a small? Whether we are singing happy birthday or rockin’ around the Christmas tree. There is always music to set the mood of what we are celebrating. Find what music helps you celebrate yourself and your own creativity. Search for that playlist that just hits different.

Jump out of your comfort zone.

Don’t walk, don’t run, but JUMP out of your comfort zone. Take time to challenge yourself in different ways. Explore a different hobby or begin learning a new skill. Do something that makes you feel uncomfortable, but also feels fresh. You will be surprised what kind of creative ideas and inspiration can stem from this.

Stay creative by continuing to move.

Keep yourself moving. Don’t settle into that everyday routine where you get bored. Be open to new ideas and activities. Keep your mind learning new things daily. Never settle and always push those boundaries. Share with us how you get your inspiration. Sparking a conversation with other creatives can do wonders!


Maci is a graphic & web designer at Shanty Town Design. When she isn’t glued to her computer, iPad, or camera, you can find her baking, crafting, or enjoying the outdoors.


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