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Google Universal Analytics will no longer track new hits starting July 1, 2023

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Information from Google Support.

On July 1, 2023, standard Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new hits. Universal Analytics has been deprecated following the release of Google Analytics 4, our next-generation measurement solution. If you still rely on Universal Analytics, we recommend that you prepare to use Google Analytics 4 going forward.

As of February 4th 2020, Google Analytics properties that fit the criteria below will have been permanently deleted. We recommend transitioning to measuring your apps with the Firebase SDKs.

In October 2019, we started to sunset Google Analytics mobile-apps reporting based on the Google Analytics Services SDKs for Android and iOS.

If you have properties that received app data (no web data, no Measurement Protocol data) only from those SDKs:

  • Data collection and processing for those properties stopped on October 31, 2019. No data after that date is available in any of those properties.
  • Access to the historical data in those properties via the Analytics interface or the API remained available until January 31, 2020.
  • After our service was fully turned down in February 2020, these legacy properties were no longer accessible via the Google Analytics UI or API, and the associated data was deleted from Google Analytics servers. In advance of this turndown, we recommended that you export the data so you could retrieve it later. Learn more about exporting data

You will receive notification from Google regarding which of your properties, if any, are subject to these conditions, and you will receive further notification before the data is removed from Google Analytics servers.

Google Analytics 360 customers’ properties are not affected.

This lead time of 12 months, beginning November 2018, was extended to you so you could make the transition to tracking your apps with the Firebase SDKs.


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