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How to Promote a New Website Launch

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How to Promote a New Website Launch

You’ve dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s, and your new website is looking fabulous! You’ve put in a lot of great work, but your work is far from over. A great website means nothing if no one knows it exists. It’s time to get the word out there! If you’re wondering how to promote a new website launch you’ve come to the right place.

Today we’re going over how to promote a new website launch, so your customers and clients know your website is open for business. You can start these steps as soon as today to get more clicks and views on your website. These small steps will also help boost your rankings on search engines giving you even more web traffic.

Email Signature

This is such a quick and easy thing to do that it’s often overlooked as part of the process on how to promote a new website launch. 

Your email signature should include your website and all your contact information for clients to easily connect with you. This step literally takes seconds to do but can make a huge difference for your website clicks. 

Social Media

Of course, we can’t forget about social media! It plays a huge role in getting the word out about your new website. Not only do you need to start posting about your new website launch, but you also need to remember to put your website link in all your social media bios. 

Having your website readily available at the top of your social media bio will make it easy for people to browse your website. Even if people click on your website but don’t purchase anything, they are still aware of your website and that accounts for a lot.

Directory Listings

When you’re wondering how to promote a new website launch, don’t forget about directory listings.

Whenever people Google “businesses near me” you want your website to pop up in the local listings. Collect ratings and positive reviews to feature or put your business on Google My Business or Yelp so customers can see what else there is to enjoy about working with you. 

You can also join your local Chamber of Commerce or find relevant directories for your industry and list your website there. 

Other Websites

This is where having friends in the business is really helpful. If you have vendors or other websites that feature your business, ask them to include your new website. This means that you’ll be getting that much more web traffic.

But don’t forget to return the favor by featuring other websites on your website as well. 

Digital Ads

Digital ads are a huge piece of the promotion puzzle. Everyone and their dog are on Google. Make sure you can be found there! 

Spend some time getting to know the basics of SEO and how you can rank higher on Google to tell people that you have a new website being launched. It may require a little money up front to run ads to Google but generally people see a lot more success with paid ads. Plus, if those paid ads bring in a lot more business, you won’t think twice about spending that money. 

Be sure to have strong keywords, meta descriptions, and great Google ad copy. Start with the SEO basics and you’ll start seeing more traffic to your website in no time. 

Digital ads can also include ads on social media like Facebook! A lot of people see success when they pay for advertising on social media. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Pinterest are all good places to start. You’ll have to know where your audience spends the most amount of time. 

Email Marketing

This is another method of marketing that you need to be involved in. You can’t put a price on a good subscriber list! Make sure you start an email campaign announcing your new website to let your audience know about it. 

If you don’t have a subscriber list, now is the time to start! You don’t want to wait on this. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll have access to people that are engaged with your business and want to hear from you. 

Marketing Collateral

Business cards, brochures, stationary, flyers, and printed ads are all still relevant for marketing! Space is often limited on business cards, and you may not be able to fit your entire URL on them. Now it’s common practice for businesses to put a QR code directly on their business cards so people can simply scan the code and go directly to the website. How cool is technology?!

Bumper Stickers

Think about how many other people see your car every day. This is another thing that’s overlooked when people think about how to promote a new website launch. 

Get simple bumper stickers printed with your website and logo. Literally hundreds of people will see it! Not to mention your car will look groovy sporting your awesome business logo.

Word of Mouth

This is perhaps the most important thing you can do for your business, and the best part? It’s completely free. 

Start talking about your new website! Tell your family and friends, ask them to tell anyone that might be interested. Don’t be shy about it, but make sure it’s not all you can talk about. You don’t want to annoy people by talking about your business. 

Use the oldest marketing tool in the book and start talking.

Blog Posts

Create a blog post all about your new website launch. Why did you decide to create a new website? What are the improvements made? How will your new website benefit customers? 

If this is your first website, you might not have a blog that you can use for promotion. See if someone will use their blog to announce your new website. A lot of the time, people don’t do this for free so you may have to pay someone to feature your new website in one of their blog posts. However, if it’s someone with a good blog following and has an audience that would be interested in your new website, it would be 100% worth it. 

Things to Consider

There are so many things to cover when you’re talking about how to promote a new website launch. These examples will definitely give you a great start on spreading the word about your business and getting people interested in following along. 

Make sure that when you provide a clickable link it takes them to the secure version of your website, meaning it has the https:// in front of it. This will help them trust your website when they visit it. 

Your website can simply be listed on other things like signage or other marketing materials. The added www. Or https:// doesn’t need to be there. 

The last thing to keep in mind when you’re wondering how to promote a new website launch is to make sure that your team and employees are familiar with it. These are the people that are on the front lines of your business! They need to be able to answer questions and guide people to the website seamlessly. Nothing looks sillier than when an employee of the business doesn’t know the first thing about your new website. Talk about off-putting. 

Having a knowledgeable team will help you get the word out even faster about your new website. Especially if you’re combining all the tactics listed above. You’ll start seeing traffic in no time. And remember, success doesn’t happen overnight! Stick with it, and you’ll see results. 


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