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Shanty Town Design is a 100% remote design agency consisting of graphic designers, web designers, and WordPress developers. We work with small to medium sized businesses and fellow marketing agencies to produce and maintain creative for projects of all types. We act as an extension of existing marketing teams to handle a variety of design needs. Our clients come to us with goals and strategy in hand, ready for us to visually produce their messages based on our expertise. 

Job Description:

We’re on the lookout for a badass web designer with massive passion, drive, and willingness to learn. Someone who is wildly curious, asks questions, and a self-starter. You’d be working with a small team doing big things for clients and agencies alike in a mishmash of industries. Major interest in the evolution of the web world is a need. Can you get hella creative? Think strategically? Execute effortlessly? We’ll assume you rock the basics of typography, color theory, and composition. If multitasking while nailing the finer details is your M.O., let’s talk. 

What we offer:

  • Major flexibility. As long as the job gets done, you can work wherever and whenever you want.
  • Career development. Want to take a work-related Udemy course or attend a virtual web summit? We’ll reimburse you. 
  • Extra moolah. Doing a kickass job? We love giving surprise bonuses.

What we expect from you:

  • Be able to work independently and motivate yourself
  • Be able to take project info, interpret notes, and run with them
  • Be flexible and responsive
  • Be capable of meeting deadlines
  • Be organized and/or able to follow existing filing structure
  • Be able to ask questions or seek out answers when needed
  • Keep the team informed; virtual communication is a must
  • Be able to follow brand guidelines, whether they are in a guide or visually-existent
  • Ability to start a project from scratch or to work on a pre-existing file
  • Be detail-oriented and check your work
  • Understand how to save files for web or for print
  • Be able to work with and collaborate with others
  • Ability to multi-task on multiple projects and project-types
  • Be able to transfer design mindset from structured corporate entities to creative freedom with fun brands
  • Have passion for the work you do
  • Hold self to high standards & self-accountability
  • Willingness to share ideas


  • Responsive website design
  • Digital and print design
  • Adobe Suite and WordPress
  • Social media templates/resizing
  • Understanding of basic HTML / CSS

Learning potential:

  • DIVI Builder
  • Data privacy
  • Web Accessibility (WCAG)


If selected, you’ll be asked to complete a small test project at a flat rate of $200. Freelance to Full-Time path preferred. Starting @ $28/hour

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