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Bar & Restaurant Branding & Web Design

Backyard Ale House is a prominent bar/restaurant in Downtown Scranton, PA that offers unique craft beers and a light atmosphere. They have a 40ft imprint of their logo on the face of their building, so during their logo refresh in 2016, we didn’t stray too far from their original concept. The idea was to give their current brand a facelift for a more modern style. We re-illustrated the Adirondack chair, as it’s become iconic with their establishment, for more clarity in finer printed items. We also continuously create interchangeable graphics to replace the chair for events, specials, and holidays.

To keep their brand, bright, playful, yet consistent, we work with Backyard Ale House throughout the year on a series of projects including menu design, special events, catering promotional design, & decor embellishments. 

What we worked on:


Digital Design

Billboard Design

Print Design

Web Design

Apparel Design

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