Orange Psych Associates Branding

Orange Psychiatric Associates, founded by Dr. Rashesh Dholakia, is a psychiatry group in Altamonte Springs, Florida. We worked with Dr. Dholakia on his new branding, stationary, and website. After deciding to relocate to Florida from PA, he chose a name that was fitting to the area he would be practicing in. We worked with a corporate yet modern design to play off of the word Orange. By working with a soft color palette, his brand conveys trust and professionalism. The sprouts / leaves inside the orange are a symbol of personal growth.

Client : Orange Psychiatric Associates
Categories : Branding, Print
Skills : Design, Layout, Logo Design
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From Dr. Dholakia: Sam is amazing. She took time, paid attention to every little detail and has strong work ethics. She emanates a sense of calmness, doesn’t rush through things, was very personal and is easily approachable. I am very happy I chose to go with Shanty Town Design and I offer her my highest recommendation!