ScrantonMade Holiday Market 2015

The ScrantonMade Holiday Market took place at the Mall at Steamtown in Scranton, PA on December 4th & 5th, 2015. As the 3rd year organizing a Holiday Market, which was normally held outdoors, the ScrantonMade team collaborated with the Mall to create an event space in the the old Bon Ton department store. As a part of the ScrantonMade team, they gave Shanty Town Design full creative freedom to rebrand the entire event to correspond with our move indoors. Our graphics included hand lettering and custom illustrations that were used throughout marketing materials leading up to the event and the design of the event space. A painted mural of our main announcement was created by Chris Medley and students of Marywood University at one of our entrances. We also created vinyl decals of our illustrations to use on a window display outside of the Bon Ton. In total, Shanty Town created graphics for social media announcements, printed flyers, a screen printed tote, and ornaments to include in the totes, which were given to the first 250 event goers on day two. We also created a flyer and social media graphic for a secondary event that corresponded with our Holiday Market, The Festival of Trees – Presented by Lackawanna County. It was held in the same space, at the same time and was to be presented as directly related to the holiday market, by ways of style, but also act as it’s own stand alone promotion.

Client : ScrantonMade
Categories : Events, Branding
Skills : Design, Hand Lettering, Illustration
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