Systems & Operations Consulting

Gain new perspectives, learn new features and functionalities, and streamline your team’s or client’s experience with Shanty Town Design’s systems and operations consulting services – unlock your business’s process potential today!

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Systems & Operations Consulting

Are you looking to pinpoint areas for optimization and improve the way your business runs? Let’s dive into the nitty gritty and show you how to make your business systems work for you.

This Will Benefit You If…

  • 5You are tired of spending time doing tasks for your business that don’t help you grow
  • 5You are forgetting small tasks in the shuffle of business management
  • 5You’d like to figure out how to use a program but don’t have a surplus of time
  • 5You’re spending too much time on small details that don’t generate revenue
  • 5You feel yourself getting overwhelmed and neglecting your company’s larger vision
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    Systems We Work With

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    The Process

    Our process involves conducting an initial assessment, developing a customized plan, implementing action items to boost your business’s productivity, and ongoing support!



    We will conduct a initial assessment of your business’s productivity and systems and identify any areas for improvement.



    We will then hop on a one-on-one call to go over individual and business goals.



    Next, we’ll get to work on creating a customized workflow for you with guidance on exactly how to implement it.



    You can schedule one-on-one consulting and follow-up calls as you need us!

    What’s Included


    We’ll Help You…

    • 5Get a new perspective on your current systems & new strategy for a more optimized business
    • 5Learn how to implement different features & functionalities inside of your workspaces to increase your impact on your clients and your team
    • 5Streamline your team or client experience utilizing systems to increase efficiency and productivity

    What you Get

    • NOperations & systems analysis
    • NCustomized workflow charts to fit your business’s needs
    • NGuidance on integrations with other tools
    • N13+ years of business system experience

    Your work/life balance is about to change

    Get in touch with us to help maximize your process potential!

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