• A Responsive Divi-Theme WordPress website with our Taurus Template
• Fully customized to the style of your brand and your overall vibe
• Content and style coaching through our Taurus Start Form (you’ll be building your site without actually touching it!)
• Yoast & Google Analytics installation + Google setup.
• Anti Spam & Contact Form
• Caching plugin for fast load times
• 45 Min Training session on how to manage the site on your own



Shanty Town Design ONLY uses WordPress.org for all of our web solutions. It is the leader in the industry as far as CMS’s go and the possibilities are ENDLESS. Using WordPress as our foundation with Taurus not only gives you a professional website for a fraction of the cost, but it sets you up with a foundation for future growth to add on whatever you’d like.



We’ve made it SUPER simple for your new site to get completed. Through our years of building websites, we found the most tedious part of any website is deciding what you want to go on it. Gathering content takes time and we understand that. To help the process of choosing the elements on your new site and gathering all of the information, we’ve created the Taurus Start Form for each new Taurus client. The form features a Save & Continue function so you can take the time you need to get together all of your information. You’ll only submit the form when you are fully ready! Once the form is submitted, we’ll start customizing your new website.



This is how you will be able to choose your headers, section styles, pages, and add in the content you’d like included on your site. Once our interest form is filled out and you’ve decided Taurus is the right fit for you, we’ll send you the form!



Yoast SEO is one of the most widely popular WordPress plugins for ranking in search engines. Taurus includes the basic start up of Yoast in tandem with Google by adding proper data to pages and images as well as basic keywords to help your site rank faster.


Since the turnaround is so fast, you MUST have your hosting, domain, and email situated by the time you are ready to submit your form. Our best recommendation is LunarPages for all 3 (Tell them we sent you). We can send you a link with a discount if requested. They offer free SSL Certificates for non-ecommerce website, 1 year free domain ($19.99 after), free webmail, and are only about $92/year. Alternatively if you go with another host for the site, G-Suite is a great option for email that syncs with the entire Google Admin system and Namecheap.com offers cheap domain names.



Taurus is not just the theme, but Shanty Town Design’s process at creating it based on your needs! While there aren’t MANY limits or policies to starting with our Taurus Template Website, there are a few:


• Your Taurus Start Form must be submitted in FULL before we start customizing your website to your brand and needs.


• Since the turnaround time after form submission is only about 1-2 weeks, your hosting and domain information MUST be set in place at the start of the project.


• Revisions: We can customize everything in Taurus to your brand and of course we’d love your feedback before we launch. However, revisions must be capped at 3 emails for changes. The idea is that we would have everything we’d need to get started from your form! Example: If you want less of one color, text changes, or image changes, please consolidate your requests. We are only able to revisit the site a maximum of 3 times.


• If you’d like to add stock photography to your site, we use Adobe Stock. Each photo will have a cost of $4, billed at the end of the project.


• We do not offer payment plans on Taurus, but we do offer our standard 50% down, 50% at launch option or full upfront.


• Our Taurus Template offers 15 pages, though you CAN add more after the initial template is in place. If there is something you’d like to add to the site that is NOT on our Taurus Start Form, add-ons and more detailed customizations are available at our hourly rate of $75/hour.


• If items are not filled in on the form, they will be removed from the site.

Taurus Start Form Questions:


What is a SubTitle?
A SubTitle is the light grey text above the main Title.


What is the Title?

The Title is the main Title of the page or section.


What is the Description?

The Description is meant to be a sentence or two describing the section or page users are looking at.


Do I need to include all 3?

Nope! If you would prefer just to have a Title or just a Title and Description, simply put N/A in the others!


Do I have to use everything on the Taurus Template?

Nope! The Taurus Start Form will guide you through what information we’ll need based on what pages and sections you want to include. If you want to exclude any portion of it simply put N/A in the box on the form. 


I have questions while I’m filling out the Taurus Start Form, can I email you?

Of course! If you have any questions at all while you’re gathering your information, feel free to message us and we’d be happy to help with suggestions.


What is the difference between Sections and Pages?

Pages have their own URLs such as ShantyTownDesign.com/Taurus. Sections are parts of a Page that are universal to the entire site. For instance, if you’d like to add a Map with directions to your establishment, you’ll select the Map section and it can be added to any of the Pages.