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Sell your WordPress website to the folks that will treat it like their own.

The entire Shanty Town team knows how much work goes into creating a WordPress website. We know firsthand how much time and effort you’ve put into building your business because we do the same. Additionally, we know that sometimes life takes you somewhere unexpected and that might mean selling your WordPress website. If you’re looking to sell your website, whatever the reason, Shanty Town is ready to make it as seamless as possible for you and your clients for a completely hassle-free migration. Ready for a perfectly smooth client transition and onboarding experience? Let’s talk.

Smooth Client Transitioning to a Caring Team

Our team consists of in-house team members that are committed to giving you the best user experience possible. No more waiting for someone across the world to get back to you to solve a problem because we’re your friendly neighbors. We’re committed to fast, efficient, and helpful responses. Whatever your need may be.

The Shanty Town Design team members. From left to right Alex, Rachel, Maci, Sam, and Mike.
Smooth Transition
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Wordpress Sites

WordPress Experts & Hassle-Free Migration

We’re not just figuring out WordPress as we go. We’ve spent years perfecting our skills and it shows. We know WordPress from the inside out and that allows us to provide the very best transition for your client base. Whether it’s a large diverse group or just a few loyal customers, our WordPress expertise will provide the easiest transition. Sell your web design company to WordPress experts.

Diverse Existing Client Base

Shanty Town serves companies from the cannabis industry, gymnastics studios, and all the way up to hospital chains. We’re experienced with many different industries and are confident that we can serve yours beautifully! You never have to worry if we can adjust to your clientele because ours is already across the board! Whatever the industry, whatever the size, we’re equipped to take on your website(s).

Not only can we serve any client base, but we’re also equipped to continue any services you currently offer. Since we offer website hosting and maintenance, personalized website design, branding, SEO, social media management, and copywriting services, we’re prepared to take on anything! Additionally, we do them all quickly and efficiently. If you’ve told yourself “I want to sell my WordPress website” but are overwhelmed, Shanty Town can make it easier for you!

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Diverse Clients

We’ve been in business a while.

We’ve learned a thing or two since we’ve been in business since 2013. These years have taught us how to be flexible, adaptable, and hard-working. Our characteristics make us who we are. A small, dedicated team ready to bring your clients the best customer and user experience possible.

Ready to sell your wordpress website?

Sell your WordPress website to a company that cares! Shanty Town understands your personal struggles or concerns, unlike large companies. Shanty Town is happy to talk about buying your WordPress website no matter the size, no matter the industry. Let’s chat and see if we’d be a good fit.

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