White Label Web & Graphic Design Services

If you’re an agency looking for folks to make stuff for you without paying for benefits? You’ve come to the right place.


With our small team, you get top notch, 1-on-1 interaction.

No loopholes, chat bots, submission forms, or otherwise. Plain and simple, we’ll create the work you need done. Whether that’s one sheeters or websites. Think of us as an extension of your own team.

Why White Label?

Outsourcing your agency’s design services can help growth in so many ways. Bring us on during prime time to speed up projects or keep us around as your go-to experts for larger gigs. Freeing up your core team schedule allows you to hyperfocus on account management and client communication. We’ll do what we’re good at, you do what you’re good at, and everyone wins!


Our white lable options


Day rate - $1300

Need a bunch of stuff done super fast? Here we go.

Message us. We offer day rates to catch you up on those stressful, high pressure, looming deadline times. Our day rates work on all services except web development (if you’re selling websites, you know they take much longer ;))

Book us for a full day and we’ll pause everything else we’re doing to prioritize your work and knock out as much as we can in 10 hours!


Hourly Rate - $125/hour

Swamped during peak season? We can help.

If you need someone in your back pocket to pick up the slack a few times a year, integrate us! We can handle it.


Creative Directing - $125/hour

Struggling to connect your creative team? That’s where we come in.

We’ll weigh in however you need us to. Let’s have a conversation about how we can help your team knock out top notch work.

LOVE letters

Two things you can expect here: speediness and fabulousness. I am so incredibly impressed by the quick turn around and creative process here. It’s wonderful working with a designer that actually listens, can see your vision, and then make it 10x better. I have been so so so happy with ALL the work I’ve received and Sam is just a blessing to work with.

Lauren M.

Sam did an awesome job on my website, she was really great to work with and very easy going. I’m so happy with the finished product, it looks amazing! Highly recommend-thank you Shantytown!!

Sue G. Fly Me Home
Sue G.

Samantha is a LIFE SAVER. She has helped so much with my business brand it’s not even funny. This girl is the jack of all trades. HIGHLY suggested for any business owner who needs dwindle down a laundry list of things to excel and grow.

Bree L.

Been working with Sam for several years and she has been amazing. Always there when I need her and amazing design work!

Alex M.

All the best adjectives that can describe a small business (Great work, Fast, professional, affordable, etc) Shanty Town is amazing!

Pat N.