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Interview: Bree Luton from Nailed It Denver & the importance of branding

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Bree runs Denver based mobile pet-business Nailed It; providing nail trims and additional paw care services in the comfort of your home and clinics around town. Their goal is to make nail trims a part of life with pawsitive methods and building a personal relationship with your pet.

We’ve been working with Bree on enhancing her brand through print collateral, merchandise, and graphics for the past year and we’ve personally seen such amazing growth from this talented business owner! We couldn’t help but want to pick her brain a bit.

Q: What are your thoughts on the importance of branding?

Bree: Important? No. Branding is VITAL! 

Q: How long did it take you to decide on the vibe you wanted to go with for yours?

I honestly have been thinking about opening my own business since I started in the pet industry 8 years ago. I had a good general idea before I even started. But once I dove in I wanted my personality to shine through and wanted my clients to feel connected to me personally when investigating my business. 

Q: You went through a logo change a few months into your business, what was your main reason for doing so?

I felt it was extremely… Basic. The original graphic artist I was working with didn’t really get to know me before diving into the bare bones of my brand. In addition I had to pry out what was made. I don’t want to feel like I care more about my brand than the person who is being paid to help me grow. I want to feel like they are just as excited and invested in my success as I am. With Shanty Town I get exactly that. 

Q: What is your favorite part of marketing?

Events [Nail Trim Clinics]! I love feeling like more a part of the community rather than just a moving part of someone else’s business. Marketing is way more fun when you are building relationships. 

Q: Do you think your branding helps you stand out from competitors?

100%, with the help of Shanty Town I have been able to keep my fun quirky brand but also have a professional feel. Not a lot of brands have been able to #nail that combo. 

Q: What are the easiest ways for you to stay consistent?

Having a clear vision of the skeleton of your brand. Don’t try to over complicate! 

Q: Do you think coming up with ideas for marketing is easier since you have a clear vision of your vibe?

Hands down, yes. There are so many tiny moving parts that people don’t realize they need, like consistent fonts, color matching, secondary graphics, etc. Noticing those and nit picking rather than saying “that’s fine, that’ll work”, in the public eye make that much of a difference. And once you get those items down, it makes keeping on track so much easier. 

In our opinion, Bree does it RIGHT! Taking the time to really plan out how her business comes across to her customers by planning out her socials, working with memes, and putting her personality into Nailed It has us like 😍.

Our favorite unique part (aside from Odie, her mascot) is how she caters her look to the seasons, follow her Instagram and you’ll see what we mean. 😉

Just like an owner has personality, so does the business. Pour your heart and soul into it and the results come naturally. We can’t wait to see what the next year brings for Nailed It! Check them out by following them everywhere. You won’t regret it.

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