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Strategic Partnership with Crystal Park Group

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Crystal Park Group is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Shanty Town Design, a trailblazing web design and marketing agency in the subscription design industry. Shanty Town Design is known for its specialization in fractional design and technical production, marketing systems, and digital marketing strategy.

Through this partnership, Crystal Park Group will combine its private market network and expertise in business strategy, business development, finance, and operations with Shanty Town Design to deliver integrated market research, brand strategy, and fractional chief marketing officer (CMO) capabilities.

This collaboration will extend Shanty Town Design’s reach deeper into sectors such as fintech, venture capital, private equity, alternative asset management, family offices, search funds, real estate, wealth management and professional services.

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Together, Crystal Park Group and Shanty Town Design will address the enduring demands of their clients in traditional industries by unlocking value through the alignment of their brands and online presence with their business strategies. In particular, this partnership will bring integrated capabilities and expertise to management teams at middle market companies working toward organic growth and key business milestones, including new product/service launches, capital raises, M&A and exit events.

“We’re delighted to join forces with Crystal Park Group in a space where outsourced and strategic design holds significant value. We believe our design and digital marketing services will be highly valuable to the types of stakeholders Crystal Park Group already supports,” said Samantha Nardelli, the founder and creative director of Shanty Town Design.

“This strategic partnership is another step in Crystal Park Group’s ongoing commitment to support entrepreneurs, operators, and investors at crucial inflection points,” said Michael Zaydon, founder and principal of Crystal Park Group. “I have so much respect for the business Samantha and her team has built over the last 10+ years. I am confident that Shanty Town Design will bring the creativity and ability to execute needed to create value for those we support.”

About Shanty Town Design

Shanty Town Design stands out as an industry leader in the subscription design and marketing arena. Their approach emphasizes collaboration and value delivery for hands-on business clients looking to expand their team’s capabilities and capacity. Shanty Town Design specializes in creative designs and digital strategies that simplify technology and elevate the foundation of any marketing endeavor. Additionally, Shanty Town Design offers fully outsourced solutions encompassing CMO responsibilities, website maintenance, hosting, SEO, social media management, and more. Learn more at or you may contact Samantha here.

About Crystal Park Group

Crystal Park Group is an entrepreneur-led platform that offers strategic investment in and advisory support to organizations during periods of growth and transition. The platform is focused on making investments in and forming strategic partnerships with middle market companies and investors. For more information, visit or you may contact Michael here.


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