Real Estate Web Design and Branding

Looking for real estate web design to generate more leads and get more sales? Let Shanty Town create the perfect website for your real estate business.

Website design and MLS integration for real estate agents and brokerages

Shanty Town is now offering specialized website design for real estate agents and brokerages! Stand out from the crowd by creating a website that attracts potential clients, gives them an easy browsing experience, and allows them to see the most up to date listing and prices. Real estate web design can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools. Luckily, Shanty Town has experience with all the tools you’ll need to help create something truly unforgettable!

DDP Realty homepage mocked on a computer screen.

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Website & Branding ideas

IDX Integration 

Using IDX is a huge advantage when it comes to real estate web design. IDX (internet data exchange) allows your website to have the most up to date and comprehensive listings on your website. We use IDX Broker to integrate MLS into WordPress websites. Giving you full custom control of your website! 


Stand out from the crowd filled with other realtors. Shanty Town loves creating new logo designs, collateral, or brand guides for individual agents and brokers. Together we’ll get crystal clear on your brand voice and what you can offer to people that are looking to buy a house. We’ll work on creating a consistent overall tone and feel to your website to help customers remain loyal to you by having a positive user experience. Now, people in the house buying market will know exactly who to go to when they’re ready to make that big step!

Design templates

We know that staying consistent throughout a single website can be really challenging. Especially if you have several different real estate agents working together under one brokerage. Each agent may have his/her own taste but it’s important to remain consistent with design and branding. Shanty Town helps solve this by setting up canva team account for agents to manage their own graphics while still staying on brand. 

The DDP Realty Branding shown on business cards, pencils, and envelopes.
For Sale sign with DDP Realty branding in the yard of a house.

Real Estate Website Maintenance

Even after your website is all launched, automated, and running smoothly, there are still things that need to be done. Regular maintenance is a must for a successful business website. Luckily Shanty Town also offers website maintenance services that will lift some weight off your shoulders. We’ll run regular updates and security measures for your gymnastics website so you can focus on what matters most! We love running things on the back end so you can show up for your clients every day.

Not looking for real estate website design services?

We’re not limited to just real estate web design! We work with several other industries ranging from health and beauty to cannabis websites. Plus, we’re constantly expanding the industries and services we work with! We’d love to connect with you and your business, no matter the industry, and see if we’d be a good fit.

Check Out Shanty Town’s Other Top-notch Services!

Take a look at the other services that Shanty Town has to offer. We’re a team chock-full of techy folks that love making business dreams come true.

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Website Hosting & Maintenance

Need a spot to host but feeling overwhelmed? Shanty Town makes it easy by providing hosting, so everything is in one place. After websites are designed, they still require a lot of upkeep. Regular updates, backups, and security measures need to take place. Let us do the work for you!

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Search engine optimization can be essential when trying to get your business name to show up on Google or other search engines. Let us use our knowledge of SEO best practices to get your business optimized. 

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Social Media Management

These days business growth usually means having a social media presence. We know that writing captions and using social media marketing funnels may not be your thing. Luckily we offer that service as well! Let us help spread the word about your amazing business on social media. 

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Having a consistent brand is essential. This allows customers to instantly recognize one of your products because they are familiar with your voice, brand colors, and overall tone. Let Shanty Town help create consistent branding for your business across the board. 

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