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2021 New Year Resolutions

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The last few years we’ve been publicly setting a focus word and intention for the year ahead. We’ve noticed it truly helped our mindset and inspired our actions throughout the year. A focus keyword is a constant reminder of your overarching goal you set for yourself. If you make one for yourself, write it big or get a sign made with your word on it so that you can always look up from your desk or other working space and keep your biggest priority top of mind every day.

Take some time with your intention and try to understand why you’re doing what you do in the first place. Where do you see yourself going? What word feels inline with that vision? What have you kept telling yourself over and over towards the end of the previous year?

2020 took a toll on so many of us. It’s time to find your center and see where you fit into the chaos and how you can protect yourself from it or passionately involve yourself in it. Last year was the Year of the Emperor and 2021 is the Year of the Hierophant. The Emperor taught us a lot of hard lessons. The Hierophant wants us to digest those lessons and build a sturdier foundation. Try new things and take risks to set yourself up for the ‘right path’. Really dive into stabilizing your dreams.

Our word of 2021 is Sustainable. We’re aiming to take the tools we’ve gained from 2020 and use them to our advantage. Fine tuning until we feel we’re ready to dive into the next thing. We don’t know what our world is going to be like in a few months. But we do know we’re going to want to continue to learn, grow, and adapt personally and professionally.

We’ve all got this. <3

Have you written your 2021 goals or resolutions yet? If not, we wrote some for you.

  1. Try something new with your branding
  2. Test out different marketing efforts
  3. Develop your core values
  4. Plan your social media monthly
  5. Organize your files
  6. Revisit your sales pitch
  7. Update your website
  8. Delegate tasks that take up too much of your time
  9. Revisit your onboarding process
  10. Update your business plan
  11. Connect with your accountant and see how you can do better
  12. Set time aside to reflect
  13. Get an accountability buddy
  14. Create a survey for your customers to see how you’re doing
  15. Work on your automation
  16. Put money aside for taxes weekly
  17. Setup or add to your retirement
  18. Hire a design and marketing team
  19. Take an online course
  20. Mail ‘just because’ cards to friends, family, and colleagues
  21. Examine online presence and make sure it’s all up to date
  22. Take a 1 week staycation
  23. Be kind to yourself
  24. Set professional boundaries
  25. Ask your friends and family what they love about you
  26. Budget your cash flow
  27. Reflect on your months
  28. Take a bike ride
  29. Journal your intentions
  30. Learn something new
  31. Buy art from a small artist
  32. Ask your team for feedback on processes
  33. Practice personal development
  34. Shut all electronics off for 1 weekend
  35. Limit mindless social media habits
  36. Surround yourself with people who love you
  37. Develop 4 new healthy habits
  38. Practice gratitude daily
  39. Schedule time with friends and family, safely
  40. Learn about your strengths
  41. Nurture your strengths
  42. Buy yourself something you’ve been wanting for a long time
  43. Ask for feedback and critique
  44. Redecorate your work space
  45. Volunteer with an organization
  46. Meditate weekly
  47. Read 3 books
  48. Listen to a new podcast
  49. Get a massage
  50. Be Sustainable

Download & Print this list to hang in your workspace!



Samantha is the founder and creative director for Shanty Town Design. She spends much of her day discussing clients' brand and web strategies, directing and creating with team members to achieve design goals, and brainstorming business opportunities. She enjoys gardening, astrology, traveling, exploring everything strange & unusual, and spending time with her small pack of dogs.

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