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The Next Level of Business Cards

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Create a unique business card interaction that customers won’t forget.

There is always a reason or time to show off your business… be sure to make it an experience your new and existing clients won’t forget. Leave them walking away with that one last wow factor. What you hand them at the end of a conversation can seal the deal for you.

What business card layouts have you seen a million times and how do you make yours stick out?

Let’s chat about those 2” x 3.5” business cards that easily get lost and blend in with almost every other card you have been handed in your life. Even though this is the most general sizing of a business card remember to think outside the box. There are many ways to ramp up this basic style.

Play with the orientation. Flip it to be a vertical business card. This simple change can be an easy step to make your business card stand out.

Also, think about the printing style. Adding a pop of gold or silver foil; will catch a customer’s eyes. Texture can be a huge factor that will upgrade your presence as a brand. Pay attention to all those paper options and finishes. Whether it is a matte, soft-touch, or extra glossy card it can say a lot about your brand. When thinking about paper options, check out those weight options as well. A thick card can add a luxury feel.

Business cards come in all shapes and sizes. Try an alternative to the standard 2″ x 3.5″ rectangle.

Creativity is endless. Don’t put yourself in a box. Or should I say a 2” x 3.5” box? Within the past few years, business card opportunities have expanded greatly. I have seen a lot of cards that are squares, circles, mini rectangles, the list goes on…Exploring unique shapes can be a lot of fun. Don’t forget you can even go as far as creating die-cut cards. Maybe these mimic your logo shape, or an icon frequently used to identify your brand.

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Change up the material from paper to something else.

You can go to the next level with your brand by making your business card a keepsake. Make it something usable for the client. Magnetic cards are a great idea. Who doesn’t need a magnet to throw on the fridge? You can easily have your brand present in someone’s home for years.

People love something that can be used for themselves… yeah, I know… selfish, but if it makes your brand known, then go for it. Get your brand on metal, keychains, pens, notepads, calendars, flash drives, anything that has another purpose other than getting your name and info out there.

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Get creative.

All in all, the main point here is to get yourself out there but present yourself in a way you want to be viewed. Don’t set any limits for you and your brand. Taking things as simple as business cards to a brand-new level will do wonders for your brand. Make it chic. Make it modern. Make it unique. Just take those extra steps to make it “you”. If you need any help, you can reach out to us!



Maci is a graphic & web designer at Shanty Town Design. When she isn’t glued to her computer, iPad, or camera, you can find her baking, crafting, or enjoying the outdoors.

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