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We love fall, but not falling behind

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It’s been one hectic summer, I do have to say that. Tim & I ran full speed ahead into creating our own merchandise, for our Etsy shop and events, to help completely fund our traveling storefront, Brick & Motor. We even started popping out specific items for different event types – i.e. animal vinyl decals for Indralokafest, custom lyric prints for our buds in Those Clever Foxes, and prepping for Halloween-Xmas!


We’ve gotten so much love from our friends and the community, between offering assistance with the trailer & coming out and supporting us at events. But, we’re still a little behind! We work full time at our design studio – Shanty Town Design, on top of doing shows, so trailer renovation is a little slow. Tim & I have decided that instead of rushing to hurry up and jump on the road, we’re going to take our time and make sure we fix it up exactly right. We’re moving along, don’t get me wrong! We’ll just be sticking around NEPA a tad bit longer. Though, I can’t really complain <3

Our new goal that we’re setting for BAM’s launch is late Spring of 2016. (Though we mentioned that might happen.) The winter months will be here before you know it. While we’re lucky to have a garage right next to where we parked good old Motor, ( to build our furniture and shelving ) … said garage does not have heat and we know that we’ll be limited to what we can do outside and where we can test drive to make sure all of our mechanics are up to par.

Our initial mission behind Brick & Motor was to promote artists we love, and we’re happy to say that that’s been happening since the beginning! We love seeing our friends become friends. Connecting one another is what it’s all about, right?

Either way, we’re excited about all the amazing things coming up while we work towards getting our dream up and running. Scranton’s First FRINGE FESTIVAL is happening the first weekend of October, I’m glad we’ll be here for it.

Scranton Fringe Festival

AND just today, ScrantonMade announced that their next holiday market will be indoors… but not just any indoors… the new to revitalization… Mall at Steamtown!! Yea, I’m pumped about that.


But I’m not ready to dive into the full thought of winter just yet. This past weekend, we popped up our tent at Culture Shock Free Music & Art Festival at Nay Aug Park. What a beautiful day for a festival!

Shanty Town debuted some new items including Temporary Tats!

Temporary Tattoos

temporary tattoos

We also realized that as of this past week, we now have over 100 Shan-Tees out in the wild! Here’s our friend Chris showing his team spirit : )


We’ve got a little contest going on to see how many tees we see floating around. If you happen to see one, snap a pic and tag us on Facebook or Instagram so we can repost! #ispyashantee

That’s all we have for tonight, guys. Keep following us to check out our new releases. We’ve got plenty of them coming out and want to hear your thoughts. Happy First Day of Autumn!






Samantha is the founder and creative director for Shanty Town Design. She spends much of her day discussing clients' brand and web strategies, directing and creating with team members to achieve design goals, and brainstorming business opportunities. She enjoys gardening, astrology, traveling, exploring everything strange & unusual, and spending time with her small pack of dogs.

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