Gymnastics & activity center website design & branding

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Graphic & web design services for gymnastics & activity centers. 

We’ve worked with gymnastics and activity centers across the US. We’re here to make running your gym a little easier! Our automated websites will make it seamless for parents to register their kids and connect with your gym. If you’re using a 3rd party platform like iClass Pro to organize your staff and calendar, integrating that into your public website makes it simple for a user to follow, resulting in more registrations!

Website & Automation ideas


We’ve worked with iClass Pro on nearly all of our gym websites and can help with filtering classes to pull onto the website. This makes it easy for parents to register their kids easily without having to start in a portal! Combining iClass Pro with a custom website allows for custom style and displaying the information parents want to see right up front.


Have parents that aren’t ready to register their child but want to stay informed? Add a newsletter signup option! This can funnel into a platform such as MailChimp, Active Campaign, Constant Contact, and more. Send alerts to a split audience for those who are not yet involved with your gym. This is a great opportunity to promote camps and promotions you have coming up.


Parents often want an overview of what is going on at your gym. Whether that is weekly classes or seasonal camps. Add a calendar of events to your website to show them what you have going on. We can even make it as seamless as using a Google Calendar to display the events so you can manage the calendar from your phone.


If you’re posting often on your social media, especially with important announcements like rescheduled classes and gym closures due to weather, add that feed directly to your website. We can embed Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even add a chat bot that goes directly to your Facebook Page Messages for parents to connect quickly.

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